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Skin checks

Your Skin Wise Healthcare doctor will complete a thorough head-to-toe check of your skin for all types of skin cancer (usually involving undressing to your underwear).  We are also very happy to focus on individual lesions of concern if this is your preference.  Please come at a time when you can wear minimal make up.



Your Skin Wise Healthcare doctor may carry out a biopsy of spots of concern. The biopsy samples will be sent for examination by independent pathologists. Results are typically available within one week. Your Skin Wise doctor will discuss the results with you and help you decide on any treatment you may require.



Most skin cancers, when caught early, can be removed by simple excision under local anaesthetic here at our clinic.  The procedure and all associated costs will be clearly explained at the time it is scheduled.



Your Skin Wise Healthcare doctor can also some benign and pre-cancerous lesions by freezing them using liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin surface resulting in small superficial burn, which heals extremely well.


Imaging of Spots

Your Skin Wise Healthcare doctor can undertake imaging of individual spots that need to be monitored. These lesions and their images will usually be reviewed after three months to determine whether the spots have changed in colour, size or shape.


Field Therapy

Field Therapy may be a good choice for an area of sun damage, an area that has had multiple previous cancers, or if sun damage keeps recurring despite cryotherapy.  It provides an excellent cosmetic option and can decrease the risk of subsequent skin cancers in the treated area.


Total Body Photography

We provide a complete body photography service (which is not Medicare rebated) for those at particularly high-risk of skin cancer.  Images are taken and stored in a secure online database, allowing both treating doctors and patients to access the images for future comparison. (We use DermEngine and the MoleScope app).


Book your skin check online now or call us on 8230 6999

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