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Skin checks

Your Skin Wise Healthcare doctor will complete a thorough check of your skin for all types of skin cancer. They provide you with a detailed diagnosis and discuss your skin care and treatment options with you. A skin check is suitable if you are concerned about a small number of specific spots or are generally concerned about the health of your skin.


Your Skin Wise Healthcare doctor can carry out a biopsy on spots of concern on premises. Your biopsy samples are reviewed by independent pathologists. Results are typically available within one week. Your Skin Wise doctor will discuss the results with you and help you decide on any treatment you may require.


Your Skin Wise Healthcare doctor can treat spots of concern by performing excisions. This is a simple procedure to cut away lesions under local anaesthetic. Your Skin Wise doctor is happy to discuss any concerns you may have about this procedure.


Your Skin Wise Healthcare doctor can also treat spots of concern by freezing them using liquid nitrogen. This is a suitable form of treatment for some types of surface skin lesions. The liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin surface for a few seconds depending on the depth and diameter of the spot.

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For patients at risk of melanoma, Skin Wise Healthcare offers the MoleMap digital imaging system. Our specially trained nurse takes a digital record of your skin, which is reviewed by an independant dermatologist. By comparing your digital record with subsequent images, MoleMap assists in the early detection of melanoma.