Patients who are worried about specific spots or generally concerned about the health of their skin should consider a skin check by one of our Skin Wise Healthcare doctors.

Patients with a high risk of melanoma or a large number of moles should consider using MoleMap by Dermatologists to allow for the early detection of changes in their skin.

For most patients a skin check with Skin Wise Healthcare will last 15 minutes.

For patients with many spots (50+) of concern and for patients over 60 a skin check lasts 30 minutes.

For MoleMap consult length please visit molemap.net.au

Standart Consult (15min)       (Private) $107.50  (Concession Card/Pension Card) $ 65.50   (Medicare Rebate) $37.60

Long Consult (30min)             (Private) $180.50  (Concession Card/Pension Card) $120.00  (Medicare Rebate) $72.80

Please note that full payment is required on the day.

The cost of a consult depends on the type of service that you require.

All out-of-pocket costs are quoted up-front.

Biopsies and Cryotherapy are bulk billed for all patients.

A cancellation fee may apply if appointments are not cancelled with an adequate advance notice.

For MoleMap fees please visit molemap.net.au

Your doctor will have a chat with you about any concerns you may have regarding your skin. You will than need to get undress down to your underwear behind a curtain and lie on the bed.

Your doctor will then look at your body using a dermascope. This will include your face, chest, arms, back, and legs, your scalp, between your toes, and the soles of your feet.

After the examination your doctor will discuss any concerns and treatment options available if needed. Biopsies and Cryotherapy are usually performed on the day of your consult. Excision will be booked for another day except for country patients.

A skin check by Skin Wise Healthcare is claimable against the set fee.

Pensioners and Health Care Card holders will be charged a reduced fee.

The MoleMap system is not covered by Medicare.

No, a referral is not needed.

Our clinic is located at 337 Payneham Road in Marden.

It is close to the Marden Shopping Centre intersection.

Patients should contact Skin Wise Healthcare on (08) 7087 0400 or click here

To make an appointment with MoleMap please visit molemap.net.au

We accept cash, cheques, debit and credit cards.

No, our clinic is staffed by general practitioners and a specially trained nurse.

MoleMap patients are photographed by our nurse, who is trained in melanography. These images are reviewed by an off-site dermatologist. Find out more about MoleMap.